Temagami Canoe Company

The second oldest canoe company in Canada….the oldest in Ontario is found in the tiny village of Temagami. Here is what http://www.ottertooth.com/Temagami/Sites/tem_canoe_shop.htm has to say:

Temagami Canoe Company, located in the village of Temagami, is Canada’s second oldest canoe builder. It is dedicated to wood-canvas canoe construction.

Although it says on the building facade that it was established in 1929, it was actually started in 1928 by William “Bill” Ernest Smith. The following year it became a business partnership with the addition of Henry Black, a Chicago freight agent with the Pennsylvania Railroad. They signed the papers on October 10, 18 days before the crash on Black Monday.

The company was bought by Steve and John Kilbridge in 1978 from Smith. Today it is operated by John. The old shop was built in 1931. It still contains the old boiler for generating steam to run the saws and soften the ribs for bending.

Contact John Kilbridge at 705-569-3777 or canoes@onlink.net.


Company logo since 1985, as used for the brass deck plate on each canoe.


Original logo created in the 1930s and discontinued about 1985.


Temagami Canoe Company shop.

Photos of logos and shop from http://www.ottertooth.com/Temagami/Sites/tem_canoe_shop.htm.
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