Ted Shea


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I picked up a set of leeboards and bracket today. The name is Ted Shea oar maker Springfield MA. I think he was one of the Charler River area builders? One of the neat things about them is the bracket is birdseye maple. Anyone ever seen that before?


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Gee Vern, have you got a complete rig yet? We will have to race:cool: .
Sail rig.

Not yet but I am working on it. I found some spars and mast for a 45' this weekend along with the leeboards. The OT I thought I would just sand and paint did't work out. The old can of worms thing. I replaced a few ribs and canvas and filled 2 week ago. But by the end of the summer watch out!
First sail

I finished putting my sail rig together. Took it for my first sail yesterday. I had a blast spent a couple hour on a local farm pond. I picked up a cheap nylon sail and had to remove 15" from the leech. Thanks to Benson Gray for showing me one of his canoes that he rigged up at his home. And Todd Bradshaw"s wonderfull book.



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Hi Ed

I know what you are saying. These leeboards seem to have the same tapper on both edges. Not like OT boards. They are more like a paddle. And very light. I think they are spruce. I have a question? Do you lock the boards down and tighten or leave free floating?

My boards are ballasted and free to pivot. I often sail in such shallow waters that I can't lock my boards without risk of damaging them. The ballast keeps them down.

I have just completed a new set of boards with lead ballast and a folding bracket that I will write about in an upcoming issue of CSM. They work great and have made a world of difference from the old boards.