Curious about Wooden Canoes
While repairing on my old Huron I've been thinking about my next canoe. Here in Indiana we don't have the fast rocky rivers of the northeast, mostly medium slower moving water or large/deep fast water. I've looked at the current models and not seen what I really want so I've designed my own. I wanted to get a good look at the finished design so I am building a one third model of the form, not just to see the fair but also to get an idea of the form engineering.

With the form nearly complete my wife asked the inevitable question, "why not keep going and build a one third model?" I've got most of the process worked out, the dimensions, materials, etc. But what about tacks? What is everyone using for canoe tacks on the model canoes? I can find most other fasteners in scale, but the tacks elude me.


Model Expo is one company that specializes in small items for ship modelers. They carry brass nails that are .028" diameter in 5/32, 3/8, and 1/2 inch lengths. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but small nails are definitely available.
Good luck, Tom
Thanks! I will check them out. I was wondering about brass cut tacks, that would clinch. I found a site that lists a 1/4 inch tack for models


Not sure though. As to scale it is a bit long, I am wondering how much metal band it will take to clinch it. The form I've built is scaled as well though I am making the ribbands out of 1/4 inch popular. I am afraid that pine/spruce/fir would be too soft in the size I am using to actually take a hammer blow during clinching.

Should be interesting.

When I headed the rivets on my model cat'spaw dingy, I used a snapping impulse center punch. Much easier to control than any hammer. I didn't do the laps, just the rudder hardware.
You can buy tiny copper tacks from John Wilson, the Shaker box maker in Michigan. This will clench, and would be a suitable substitute for brass (copper tacks were occasionally used by the big guys, too).

If anyone is interested I'd be glad to. I'm getting excited already just seeing to form come into shape. I'll get to see the lines before I invest in form lumber.

For the record it is a slightly altered Arkansas Traveler. I want it a foot longer and an inch wider than Rushtons design. I am adding a station in the middle with the same bottom and removing the tumblehome.

Indiana has few rocks to avoid, and lots of deep water. Speed is what I am after. If I want to play in the bubbles I can always drag out the Huron with it's 15" depth and 2+ inches of rocker.