Tack sources


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I was going to get some tacks from Noah's but it turns out they are in the middle of a move. Does anyone have any other suggestions for places that ship in Canada (or are near Kingston, Ontario)?
Thanks, I will take a look at the list, and all else fails there is a Lee Valley close by.
Unfortunately, Canada's longtime manufacturer of canoe tacks, Canadian Tack and Nail, has gone and shuttered up.

D.B. Gurney is an institution in the US, and is where most canoe tacks are sourced from. You could check to see what the cost to ship to Kingston is from them: https://dbgurney.com/collections/canoe-boat-builders

If the border were open, I'd bring you some - I'm directly across the river from Kingston, in Cape Vincent, NY.
Thanks, I have sent Gurney a message to check if they ship to Canada.
If the border was open I would have taken you up on that offer. Back when I sailed on St. Lawrence II we would always clear customs in Cape Vincent all them time, been awhile since I was ashore though, passed in the river a lot though.