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Hi everyone! New to the forum, (and to the world of wooden canoes) so I hope you'll forgive a dumb question. I recently became the proud owner of a 16' Faber in mostly good condition. I say mostly, because she leaks, maybe a pint every 20- 30 minutes. The existing canvas is thirty years old, and pretty dinged up so I assume I'm in for a new canvas job. The question is: Can I save a step by re-canvasing using something that's been pre-waterproofed? Sunforger treated duck comes to mind?

Please advise. . .
Sunforger is pretty much the top of the line for cotton tent and boat cover canvas, but at 10 ounces, it's awfully light for canoe canvas and there is no telling how much the water repellant treatment will interfere with adhesion of the canvas filler that needs to be applied to the new canvas. Considering the amount of work and expense involved in doing a good recanvasing job, I think I'd stick with materials that are already known for doing that job well, rather than risking it with non-standard materials. The pre-proofed nature of Sunforger isn't going to "save you a step" and if anything, it may create more work or problems.