Suggestions for Removing Fiberglass?

Bruce Claveau

New Member
I was recently given a cedar square stern canoe that had been stored for an unknown period of time. At this time I am trying to remove an old and poorly applied fiberglass job. The matting was able to be pulled off but the majority of the resin remains bonded to the wood. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to remove the remaining resin material from the wood without excessive sanding? The cedar planking is 5/32". I've had limited success with a heat gun but it doesn't remove the resin that soaked into the wood.
A heat gun and a GOOD paint scraper have always worked well for me. Keep the scraper edge sharp using a bench grinder. As long as the surface is flush a little epoxy residue shouldn't matter.
I used a carbide paint scraper to remove resin from a project, (I don't have a heat gun) it took about 8 inserts but if they were sharp, they removed the resin fine without damaging the wood. But it took a long time, about 3 weeks working a little each night.

Try this

I just did the same thing. The glass matt came off but it left seriously attached resin. I ended up using a propane torch. I would heat the resin directly (you can see it blister) then scrape it off a couple inches at a time with a narrow scraper. Just watch where you point the torch while you are scraping. If you sear the wood a bit here and there sandpaper cleans it up quick and easy.