Strippin time

Jim Dodd

LOVES Wooden Canoes
The New Year has me stripping #21 in my new shop.

This canoe started life as a Bob Brown designed Pirate.
The Pirate is a great hull, but needed tumblehome. I also rockered the stems and set the forms to make it asymmetrical. I call my Pearl.
Here's a pic.

Jim IMG_0050.JPG
Done strippin, staples pull ready to go outside and sand.e75c3ca0-27d4-4182-90bc-03eea203b46c_zpsns68k8mt.jpg


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They look SOOOO much better on the water... but then, ALL canoes look better in the water....

In any case, looks like a beautiful boat! :)
Hi Jim,

I just joined the wcha, after meeting Dave Wermouth and seeing all of his beautiful canvas boats.

I recognize you from the Bear Mountain Forum. Nice boats. I notice you seem to make a lot of solo canoes :).

I'm starting to get urges to build another boat, but I can't bear to sell them and I'm running out of room to store them.


Nice work !

I fully understand your storage problems !
Sometimes you need to get inventive. Close Relatives, are in my case helpful.

Solos make it easy for when nobody else wants to go paddling ! They take less time to build. Not to mention they cost less.

I have sold some, so I could build more. Just a fact of life.

This building thing is an ADDICTION ! HA !
I Love it !