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I really have a hard time being consistent and I haven't done anything since april which has been the pattern. But I did do a few ribs today. I should be able to get it this winter. Its been a tough job and you think it would have gotten easier. It got harder. Just for anyone that remembers.


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I just looked at some old email that I had sent out and received when I first started researching this. They are dated Aug 2004. Mind you I only have been working on this in the winter when I can but it has been a long time. I think I had posted here then but the server crashed and it disappeared or something.

Anyone else have a rib canoe, or any peterborough?

I've got a Peterborough Cedar Rib. Here's a pic.

You've done an amazing job on yours.



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Nice looking canoe Rob. I like the seat backs and plan to build something for my front, since it only has a rear seat. I also think mine had those runners at the bottom because it had the brass clips.

Do you ever float it?
I hope so.