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Welcome me good people. :)

50 yrs old, rec paddling since 12.
Have only owned one canoe. A Wenonah Jensen 18. Yup, you've got it. I like paddling to be easy.

First paddling experience was on the Prsque Isle River in the UP when 12yrs old. It was a small solo jobber and I loved every moment on the water. Plenty of otter playing on the river that day.

I've been woodworking for a few years, all the while figuring someday a few of my projects would be canoes and paddles.

This winter will be a good time to make a paddle or two. Not sure where I'm going to start, but this is my first step in looking for a paddling oriented forum.

Any ol' how, pointers of all sorts are welcome.

Thanks, Chris
Can't beat a good book...

Hi Chris, I decided to build my canoe first and have started with the small pieces for a 17' Nomad like seats, accent stripe, etc. I plan to buy my first paddles but that doesn't mean that I won't' build them some day but not this winter. I have been reading about everything I can get my hands on about strippers and paddles and the best book for paddles that I have read is CANOE PADDLES by Graham Warren & David Gidmark. Good Luck... If future messages are just about paddles, there is a separte forum for paddles and paddle making...
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There are several threads on paddle making in the "Tidbits" section of the WCHA site; http://wcha.org/tidbits/index.html

# The North Woods Paddle, by Rick Waters

Rick details how Alexandra Conover makes a North Woods paddle and talks a bit about how this wonderful blade is used. A forwarded is provided by Garrett Conover. This is a reprint from a 1985 WoodenBoat article. Lots of photos.

# Paddle Making, by Shawn Burke

Shawn explains in great detail and clarity, with both words and images, a seminar from New Hampshire canoe builder Geoffrey Burke on carving a paddle, held at the 1992 L.L.Bean North American Canoe Symposium (now the Maine Canoe Symposium).

# Making a Canoe Paddle, by Rob Stevens

Rob does a fine job explaining how to turn a piece of wood into a instrument to move your favorite watercraft. Rob discusses woods and their properties, as well as the tools you will need to fashion your paddle.

# Greenland Style Paddle Building, by George Ellis

George discusses how to make a Greenland Style double bladed paddle using the very minimum of tools. This is a very easy to follow discourse on the subject, and has inspired me to make my very own Greenland Style Paddle.

# Doug VanDoren has produced a video on the use of Greenland style paddles. It's well done and sticks to the subject, mainly the forward stroke.