Stem Tacks


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Well, I'm about ready for canvas stretching on my Old Town 50 Lb.. Made my clamps and clothespins today and I think I have all of the supplies that I need. I have seen reference to 1/4" tacks for the stem. I purchased 3/8" thinking that a little extra length would give them more bite in a stem that already had many tack holes. I am I risking splitting the stem?
The 1/4" tacks are good if you tacking into the face of brand new wood. they are very tiny and hard to hold on to, but they do the job with the lest amout of damage to the face of a narrow stem.

The same goes for the 5/16" tacks only they are a bit easier to hold on to.

The 3/8" tacks are good for older stems. the longer length may be needed if the old stem already has splits in it but the tacks are still short enough so they are not going to increase the damage to the face. And the 3/8" tacks are stonger which is handy if your nailing into a face that has been glued. the copper tacks will turn over if they hit a hard section of glue but at lest the 3/8" tacks have a chance of slidding by the glue and gripping the wood.
5/16" stainless steel staples. The stapler drives them in well, and the steel does not bend in the hardwood.

I gave up on tacks a long time ago, they drove me nuts.