Steaming ribs


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Replaced 5 ribs and some planking.
Ready to re-canvas.


Varnish First

Ready to re-canvas

I dunno, but I have better luck finishing the hull and doing all the varnish first and then the canvas goes on. Sometimes, I will give the hull a finish coat of varnish at the very last minute after all the other work is done.

If you carefully stain your new ribs and planking with Minwax Early American, or some other suitable stain, you will never know they were replaced - well it will pass the 1 foot rule or so.
Thanks guys!
I was thinking I could finish the inside while the filler is curing.
But you think I should complete the inside prior to canvasing?


It is entirely up to you when you varnish. There are some reports of issues with varnish seeping through the spaces between planks and causing possible blisters in paint later and I think it is neater to complete the hull and then canvas it, but Old Town varnished after canvas on a couple of hundred thousand canoes, so I don't think it will be the end of the world.
Rarely will the varnish solvents affect the filler and make it bubble, but it sure is a pain when it does. It didn't take for it to happen but a couple of times before I started varnishing the interior before canvassing. I also varnish the exterior of the hull with a cheap varnish after the linseed oil/ turpentine mixture has dried.
Welcome to the Rube Goldberg Rib Steamer club! Well done!
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