ST Louis Meramec

Start with Wooden Canoe issue 146 (April 2008) which has an extensive article about the company. It is available in paper and digital versions through the WCHA online store.

We have information on the history of the company. You can view the article we wrote in the April 2008 issue of Wooden Canoe. If you send us the stem number, we can probably give you a build date. Pictures would be great, along with anything known about the canoe.
Wally in St. Louis
the only number I see are a 1609-15 down on the stem... it was owned by a 90 year old guy on my lake.. the arrowhead deck told me who the builder was.
Do you have any pictures of the sheer line? Were there any decals? It could be either a St. Louis Meramec canoe or a St. Louis Boat and Canoe Company
---the decals are alike except for the word, Meramec. Both are Alfred Wicket companies.
Wally Hauck, St. Louis
IMG_2056.JPG see if these pics work
According to our records and calculations, with a stem number of 1609, this canoe was made mid-year, 1942, by the St. Louis Boat & Canoe Company. This company was owned by Alfred Wickett, who died a year later.
See our article in Wooden Canoe for more information about the connection between the two companies.
Wally Hauck