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THE BEAUTY OF WOOD: This stunning canoe is a 14 foot long lapstrake version of J.H. Rushton’s Canadian Ugo canoe that was built by Mark Reuten of Nomad Boatbuilding in Victoria, British Columbia. It was constructed with western red cedar planking, Alaskan yellow cedar ribs and gunnels, and black locust backbone, cutwater, and other trim. It sadly will not be seeing any time on the water soon. It is on permanent display at Vancouver International Airport. Photo by Mark Reuten. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #rushtoncanoe #nomadboatbuilding

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A NOVEMBER PADDLE ON QUIET WATER: Member Zark Markovich took this striking photo as he and his grandson paused on a late season paddle on Tohickon Creek, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The canoe is a 1937 Old Town HW with serial number 119045 which Zark restored. Tohickon Creek runs between Lake Nockamixon and the Delaware River. It is well known by paddlers who enjoy the big water that results from controlled releases from the upstream dam in late November and March. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #oldtowncanoe #tohickoncreek #buckscounty

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REPOSE: Michael Grace made this photo of canoes at the 2019 Annual Assembly during the wee hours of the morning, using only the light available from the moon and street lamps. "Wooden Canoe" is the journal of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA). This is one of the primary benefits of membership in the WCHA and is published several times each year. Photo by Michael Grace. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #paulsmiths #adirondacks

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White Mystery: Member R. C. Cross commented that the mystery of this old White canoe is how it was damaged other than normal age and weathering. It came missing a deck, two thwarts, one seat and the tips of both stems. Missing or broken were 12 ribs and 6 half ribs. Six ribs in a row had no reference so battens were screwed on the outside to establish the hull curve. It is likely that this canoe was a working boat. The rear seat is rectangular rather then the "D" shape of earlier models. It came from the factory without a front seat and a front seat was added later by being bolted through the top rail rather then having the bolt hidden under the top rail. The bow profile is relatively flat rather than the graceful upsweep of more recreational canoes. The rolled copper stem pieces came from Jerry Stelmok's Island Falls Canoe Company. Photographs by R. C. Cross. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #whitecanoe #islandfallscanoe

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MORNING MIST: An early, misty morning at the Kringelfieber event held at Edersee, Hessen, Germany each year. Kringelfieber is a social gathering where people from all over Europe meet on the May Day weekend each year to teach, learn and observe the art of American Freestyle and Canadian canoeing. There is always a wide range of traditional cedar/canvas, frame built and modern composite canoes available to be used and shared. Photo by Nick Dennis. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #kringelfieber

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BIRCH BARK: This 14 foot long birch bark canoe was built in 1990 by Ferdy Goode of Beaver Bark Canoes, Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin. It is made of winter bark, which allows the builder to be very artistic by scraping decorative patterns and designs into the bark using a simple jackknife as a tool. This canoe is now part of a private collection and it lives on Broken Bow Lake in northern Wisconsin. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #birchbarkcanoe #ferdygoode #beaverbarkcanoe

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Thanks for sharing Benson, appreciate everything you do in making this site so awesome. The birch bark canoe picture makes me want Spring here so I can start trying to get the one I acquired this Fall back in the water. If I can get it to look even at tenth as nice as Ferdy's I'll be happy.
Cheers, Gary
OLD TOWN COUSINS AT TWILIGHT: Two restored Old Town canoes rest at the shoreline after an evening paddle on beautiful Canadice Lake in Upstate New York. The canoe in the foreground is a 1945 OTCA, and the other is a 1933 HW – both were restored by member Lew Markle. Interestingly, both canoes are listed on their respective build records as AA (or top) grade, but the OTCA is completely trimmed in ash – best guess is that mahogany was not available during WWII. Photo by Lew Markle. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #oldtowncanoe #lewscanoes #canadicelake

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Thank you for being part of the WCHA. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe

Early Morning Dew: Nick Dennis shares the experience of an early morning paddle in the United Kingdom on the Little Ouse River. "Wooden Canoe" is the journal of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA). This is one of the primary benefits of membership in the WCHA and is published several times each year. Photo: Nick Dennis. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #chestnutcanoe #littleouse

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Saying "Farewell" to 2019 with an Old Town Otca and a great blue heron on Lake Eaton in New York's Adirondacks. Bon Voyage! Photo by Robert Malin. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #adirondacks #lakeeaton #oldtowncanoe

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AWAITING THE PADDLER: A Peterborough Ottanobee built somewhere between 1942 and 1956 and restored by Mike Kelly to fine fettle. He paddles it on trips on the lakes and rivers in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies out of his home in Calgary, Alberta. Photo by Mike Kelly. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #peterboroughcanoe

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ON THE PORTAGE: Member Robin Lauer paused at the end of a portage to take this shot of his 16-foot, 1950’s vintage Chestnut Pal and his #3 Duluth Pack. He was nearing the end of a 12 day solo trip in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, in northwestern Ontario, in August of 2010. A more detailed account of Robin’s trip can be found in the December 2010 issue of Wooden Canoe, the signature journal of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #chestnutcanoe #woodlandcaribouprovincialpark

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Paddling Birch: Michael Grace captured this photo of Jim MacLachlan paddling a birch canoe on Lower St. Regis Lake. Photo: Michael Grace. "Wooden Canoe" is the journal of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA). This is one of the primary benefits of membership in the WCHA. #wcha #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #paulsmiths #adirondacks #wchaassembly #lowerstregislake

There has been a question about this image on Facebook. Does anyone remember who made this canoe or who brought it? It appears to be in the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, and Maliseet style. Is any more information available? Thanks,


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