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The WCHA has become more active in social media (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) recently as requested by the board of directors. The older pictures and captions are also available at if you want to see what has been posted but don't have an account on either of those platforms. The most current ones are posted as replies to this message. Most of the images so far have come from the WCHA calendars and the Wooden Canoe journal. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks,

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A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON ASSEMBLY! This is the 2014 Assembly as it has never been seen before! Ed and Zach Heaton, owners of Above The World Films, flew their Phantom 1 and Phantom 2 drones high above the beautiful campus of Paul Smith’s College and captured stunning video of the breathtaking scenery and the full scope of the Assembly. This image was taken from an early morning flight.

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LILY: Courting canoes are among the most elegant of all canoes, and this one is no exception! “Lily” is a 16 foot Charles River style canoe, from an unknown builder. Her beautiful 52” decks are original mahogany, and she is thought to be from around 1915, as decks this long do not appear in earlier photos from the Charles River area. Members Dylan and Emily Schoelzel, of Salmon Falls Canoe, completed the restoration work in 2012, and Owner Ken Kelly had the pinstriping and graphics work done by Scott Signs of Grandville, Michigan.

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Shared by Dave Nitram to the Church of the Double-Bladed Paddle group on Facebook. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe

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Ralph Kohn is Santa in this "seasonal" photo taken by Joe McLearn for the cover of the Wooden Canoe Journal in 1991. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #merrychristmas

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This exercise has produced some interesting perspectives on what sorts of wooden canoe images appeal to people. The summaries attached below show how Facebook users have responded to various things that have been posted over the past few years. It appears that war canoes, courting canoes, white water, all wood sailing canoes, and birchbark canoes may be the most popular. Most of these images were also posted on Instagram and the response there was quite different although the overall trends were similar. This is still a work in progress so let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks,


“MOLLY” AT SUNRISE: “Molly” is a 1966 Old Town Molitor sailing canoe, #175540, owned by member Ken Kelly of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Restoration work was done by Gil Cramer of the Wooden Canoe Shop. She originally had an OT #46 paint design, but now sports a beautiful design based on OT #22, with minor modifications. Ken got this shot on an early spring morning on the shores of Twin Lakes, Michigan. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #grandrapidsmichigan
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This image appeared on the last page of the 1929 Old Town Canoe Company catalog with no caption. The original picture has a few more details identifying the photographer as "Ernest Tanare, Commercial Photographer, 22 Willoughby St., Brooklyn, N. Y." on the back. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #sailingcanoe

I find it interesting that the young lady is apparently steering with a paddle and they are taking advantage of a spray deck.

“ALLURE” ON THE ANDROSCOGGIN RIVER: “Allure” is a beautiful 15-foot lapstrake canoe owned by member Sheldon Perry of Tamworth, NH. She was built by Geoffrey Burke of Chocorua Boatworks, and is based on an 1887 design from the Douglas Boat Co. of Waukegan, Illinois. Her hull is white cedar over oak ribs, and the shear strake and trim are walnut. She also sports a sailing rig, which was not in use this September afternoon in 2007 on a flat-water stretch near Errol, NH. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #chocoruaboatworks #androsogginriver

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"GETTING DUST AND DIRT OUT OF INACCESSABLE PLACES There is considerable fitting to do in manufacturing a canoe-especially if it's going to be water-tight. Before varnishing, it is essential to have the surface free of dust and dirt. The Old Town canoe factory has a stationary vacuum system" was the caption for this photograph in the May, 1922 issue of "Factory" magazine. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #oldtowncanoe #oldtownmaine


Still Ready and Willing: An old Morris Special Indian, circa 1896, quietly basking in the summer sun on the banks of the Ipswich River in Massachussets. Photo by Eileen Herman-Hasse. "Wooden Canoe" is the journal of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA). This is one of the primary benefits of membership in the WCHA and is published six times each year. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #ipswichriver

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Canoedling, still popular after all these years. This is probably a Robertson canoe and his boathouse on the Charles River near the Auburndale area of Newton, Massachusetts is shown in the distant background. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #robertsoncanoe #charlesriver #auburndale

Creativity and Beauty in a Canoe Paddle: Many WCHA members find paddle making to be an interesting and creative way to participate in the canoe world. Member Kent Lund has turned paddle making into a fine art. His small company, Grand Rapids Paddle Co., began as a hobby and has developed into his creative passion. Each of his paddles is custom made to client specifications, and is decorated with detailed carvings and artwork in folk and Native American styles. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #grandrapidspaddle #grandrapids

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Inboard motor canoes were popular in the early 1900s. This undated picture identifies the captain as D. Van deVenter from Winona Lake, Indiana on the back. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #motorcanoe #winonalake

Tiger Rag: It’s cherry blossom time in Washington, DC, as Member Tom McCloud paddles his newly restored 17 foot Old Town HW along the Potomac River. Tom did the restoration work and used Paintmongers, of Joppa, MD, for the final painting and ‘Tiger’ graphics. This canoe was featured in issue #173 of the Wooden Canoe Journal. Quoting Tom, “Old Town #127140 first saw the Washington cherry blossoms in the spring of 1940, when it began its life as a rental canoe at East Potomac Park on the tidal Potomac. She returned home during the Cherry Blossom Festival in April 2013.” #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #potomacriver

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A cropped version of this image was used on the first page of the 1929 Old Town Canoe Company catalog with a caption that identified it as being from Coney Island, New York. It is probably showing the Labor Day regatta of the Association of Canoe Clubs of Sheepshead Bay from 1927. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #coneyisland #sheepsheadbay