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Having striped and sanded to remove the stubborn varnish, I plan on using a two part teak cleaner to remove some staining, but my priority is to blend the old ribs to match the new more closely.
I was considering using Snappy Teak-NU. Do any of the members recommend this product and how much should I expect to use on a sixteen foot canoe.

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I've used both Snappy and another similar brand to clean/bleach canoes. They work well. I can't comment about how it's use impacts matching ribs/planking, as I try to do that with wood color, ie, when I make ribs/planking, I cut lots of excess from different colored boards, and try to match that rather then use stain.

As for quantity, just buy the 2 gal or so size, you'll likely be doing more then just one canoe. :) (the smaller sizes are expensive)