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Ric Altfather

WCHA #4035

I don't have my build records with me, the lap top is down. Can you post the build record for this rowboat?

Thanks much!

April 22, 1957

Hi Rick... having trouble with Windows Vista which will not let me access the build record... so I got it on my laptop, which won't let me on the board to post it... dang computers!

It's a double-ended boat... begun in '55 and finished in '57...will post the record soon.


Here's the record! Whew... has anyone else with Windows Vista noted that it takes longer to access these records than with XP? My new computer is "faster" than my little portable, but it needs more than a jolt of coffee to move on these records!



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This computer reminds me of my grandmother: it wants to perform everything just so... and so, it wants to load up all the build records when I only want one. And it seems to be telling me to "just hold your horses" if I do any prodding.

My little computer with the XP will pop everything open and let me run right to where I want to be.

Maybe I'm not using the computer the way I should... I didn't read the instructions!