slow progress

Brad C

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I guess I was not making fast enough progress on my OT Yankee project so my wife decorated it.
Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope to meet many more of you on the water in the new year.
Brad C


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Well I did say something in a previous post about Santa putting a wooden canoe under the tree....great pic....Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing
What a wonderful woman! She lets you keep it inside. Keep her....girls like that are few and far between!
Merry Christmas!
Few and far between for sure, but they can still be found if you look hard enough....
Merry Xmas and safe and happy holiday to everyone.


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Slow progress can be a good thing- the canoes can get decorated, and the canoes become great decorations. The ones in the attached photo here aren't decorated for the holidays, but the fact that others are in the queue before them means that they get to grace the home! (BTW- down here in the sub-tropics, there's no need to worry about the dryness from winter heat... there's no such thing as winter heat!)



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