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I was given a canoe last Sunday that has the remnants of an Old Town decal on the bow deck and a Skaneateles Boat & Canoe Co. plate on the stern deck. The serial #118256 16 is on the bow stem. The canoe is a 16' AA grade with half ribs. It has a mast step and a bow seat with a mast hole. No sail rig came with the boat. Condition is rough to say the least. Like they say price reflects condition. I assume that it is an Old Town canoe that was repaired by Skaneateles or sold by them at some time. Old Town build sheet?

Thoughts anyone? Thanks.

Jim C.


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Doesn't sound like the same boat that comes up on the OT records--
Old Town 118256 is a 16 foot CS grade HW with open spruce gunwales, ash decks, and a keel... painted dark green and shipped to Meddybemps, ME on August 25, 1936. Cool name= Meddybemps.



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Hi Jim,

It's clearly an Old Town Otca, AA grade, rigged for sailing with Old Town parts. I'll bet that your serial number has a mistake in the "8" or the "6" digit, but the general timeframe is appropriate (20s-40s) given the open wales, long decks and hand-caned seats (pre-WWII), and presence of diamond-head bolts (post 1920 or so).

I concur with Michael, so if that Skaneateles tag is looking for a new home...;)
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Serial #

I will check the serial number again in the daylight tomorrow. The canoe is definitely worth fixing - someday. Until then it will live in my barn. Thanks to all who responded.

Jim C.
One more time...

Ok, make that '5' a '6'. After stripping off some varnish the correct number is 118266 16. That should bring up a 16' Otca AA grade with half ribs set up for sailing. Thank you. Sorry I didn't get it right the first time.

Jim C.
Hi Jim,
Think you got it this time. 118266 shows on a 16' Otca in AA grade with 20" mahogany decks, seats and thwarts, 1/2 ribs, outside stems and a keel. It was originally painted yellow with a gold hairline stripe with ND ends similar to design # 16. It was shipped to Macy's in NYC in July 1936. There is no mention of a sailing rig, but that could have been added later. The build record is attached.

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It is also possible that you could have another number or manufacturer if this description doesn't match your canoe. Feel free to reply here if you have any other questions.


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