Shoud I buy or pass?


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I recently purchased some old tools from a shop building and noticed an old looking all wood canoe suspended from the rafters. I asked the man in charge of selling items if that canoe was going to be for sale and he said yes and to make him an offer. I froze completely as I know nothing about canoes but have always admired all the work it must have taken to make an all wood canoe. I told him I'd get back with him in a day or so with an offer and he said OK. There was a brass oval shaped emblem on the front flat of the canoe and all I could make out was "Howe" although there was more but I couldn't see it. The overall appearance was that it had some minor damage at the edges where it might have rubbed against a dock or something like that but other than that it appeared sound and totally complete. Do any of you readers know this "Howe" name and if so, what would be a fair offer? I'm not looking to take advantage of this gentleman but neither do I want to pay more than it's worth...any ball park figures or ideas? Thanks guys.