serial number search old towne


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in my separation from my significant other, we split our canoes/kayaks and during the move cannot find the owners manual to our old towne. its serial number is 11865D101 can you help me determine the type of canoe it is so i can register it please. thank you :)
That might be a hull identification number and the information at may help you decode it. An Old Town should begin with XTC and ends with the two digit year it was shipped. It appears that you could have one from 2001. Unfortunately, the factory stopped keeping detailed records before 2000 so there isn't an easy way to find out the model from your serial number. I have a catalog from 2001 and may be able to identify it if you post some pictures here along with the basic dimensions (length, width, and depth).

could it maybe be a guide?

It could be. Understand that Old Town has two models named the Guide and both are available in various lengths. One is wooden and one is plastic but they are completely different canoes. This is where pictures and dimensions can help. Another option is to use the image search until you see one that looks like yours.

my dad says its 14'6" and its green outside, grayish white speckled inside. he says he thinks its royalex on outside....idk im just a girl who like to paddle! LOL thank you so much for your help....Im thinkng it may be the 147?
Hi Heather-- If you post a picture, there may be someone here who can identify your canoe. (And I'm just an ol' girl who had to Google "idk"...). Welcome!

I have a 14 ft royalex Old Town that they called their "Hunter" model, terrific for small rocky creeks, maybe it's what you've got..