serial # 42997 old towne canoe


Curious about Wooden Canoes
i have an old towne canoe with that serial #, it has been found to be a 1916 ideal model, it's mostly mahogney and heavy, 17' long with cained seats, it was orginally canvas, and the color green. i'm wondering if it's worth any more money if i restore it back to canvas or leave it the way it is. i've had it since the early 60's.
I'm assuming that someone has committed a fiberglass offense against the canoe, and that's why it's heavy and you don't appear to be excited about it.

In my opinion, the Ideal is one of the most desirable Old Town models-- a Charles River, all tricked out with mahogany trim, half ribs and open wales-- and should be a joy to own and a pleasure to paddle. Fiberglass can suck the magic from an otherwise wonderful canoe, so *in my opinion* it would have to go. Also, unless judiciously cared for, you can be asking for trouble when a canoe meant to be canvassed is glassed. Water can be held in the wood and the canoe can rot.

There have been many discussions re fiberglass removal in these forums... you may want to try the "search" mode. Basically, if there's a pond on your property, you have it made.... otherwise, invest in a good heat gun... and hope the one doing the glassing wasn't very good at it.

Should be a great canoe... best of luck!