Seliga canoe on Ebay

Only made a few, I think. Ribs tapered on both sides certainly are like his. Pretty sure that old logo on the heart shaped deck looks real. Mr. Lindberg, as the expert, you can reply more in depth if you like.

Looks wider than I thought a boat off his form would look - maybe it's just the weird image resizing. And the fact that you're chopping off a bit of the stern. Cool project. Wish I could afford it. If someone wants to donate it to me to restore, you know, I'd be ok with that. I'd even go pick it up...
Attaching pictures from the eBay listing "for posterity". Second try. It pays to wait until the pictures are actually loaded...


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Joe's canoes or boats

This is one of Joe's squareback boats, of which he made 33.
It is S/N 48 114, meaning built in 1948 and it's the 14th squareback. He sold it in Nov '48 to a local guy he knew.

It was "offered" a few years ago and if anybody is interested, I have better pics of it.

Just for fun, I put $1000 on it to try to determine the reserve, but didn't reach it. (and I didn't expect to)

Oh, it also has the 1st decal Joe used, which he only used for about 8-10 years, from 1940 to 1950.

2ed Oh, This is a boat that Joe designed and intended as a boat, to be driven by motors. The forms for the boats/squarebacks and his double end canoes are completely seperate and different, ie, 1 form for the squarebacks and one form for the canoes. At this time, Camp Widgi has both forms, along with the rest of Joe's jigs, tools and other canoe making items.