Seliga Canoe is Des Moines


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There is a listing for a 12' Seliga canoe from the 50's in Des Moines if anyone is interested. Price is $3000.00. Thought someone may be interested.
Calling Dan Lindberg! Calling Dan Lindberg!!

Did Joe make 12'ers??

PS I'm headed to Ely next week (never been there!) for a couple of days of ice fishing. Hope to drive by Joe's place...
Ely-related stuff...

The Morris serial number database still needs the s/ns of Joe's Morris canoes, which are probably at Widjiwagan. It's on my bucket list to see those canoes... but if anyone spies those Morris canoes, look for serial numbers. They'd be on the left inwale, above the first full rib, if they are present. Also (and this is important) count the cant ribs. My guess is there'd be only two pairs, but I'd like to confirm this.

Been following a bear-cam in Ely that's monitoring black bear and her newborn cub in their den. This is very cool.!/ Scroll to videos on the left.

Have fun, Dave!

Ah, Seliga canoes and Ely mentioned in one post! As someone who visits Moose Lake Webcam everyday to keep an eye on the Ely weather and dream of our annual September Quetico trip, I am envious of your upcoming journey, Dave. I would love to see Ely in the winter. As for the Seliga canoe, would love to have one and DesMoines isn't that far from St. Louis . . . Dorth Strasser
My does stuff pop up while a guy is gone a bit.

I sent the poster a message asking for more info,

but no, Joe never built a 12' canoe or boat,
at least none were ever entered in his records,
and he kept pretty good records.

The shortest canoe entered is a 15' canoe that was built over a Chestnut canoe, and the original owner still has it and treasures it.

If this is 12 ft, either it's not a Seliga, or somebody cut one off, it didn't come from Joe this way.

BTW, It's listed as being a 1953, in '53 Joe made 15 17 ft'ers and they all went to Sommers.

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I've had some discussions with the owner and he doesn't really know what length it is, just that his father bought it while working in Ely.

He is going to try to get the S/N so we will know what it is and he/we will go from there.

Not much. The owner sent a few pics but little could be nailed down from them.

My best guess is that it appears to be a late 50's to mid 60's version of Joe's std 17 ft canoe.

The owner is still going to try to find the S/N or measure it, and then we will know.