Jan Bloom

LOVES Wooden Canoes
The OT Yankee I just got is from 1952 and has pressed cane seats. I really do not like that look and am considering making a set of seats with woven cane. In looking at OT woven cane seats there is a diference in hole spacing between my "29" HW AA and "37" HW CS. I really like the look of the
"29". It does not lace to the corner but instead the cane is diagonal across the corner. So Tuesday morning I will run up to the sawmill and see if they have any pieces of white oak (need to match the decks) laying around.
seat weaving

For what it is worth, my 1931 OT 50 pounder, which I believe has the original seats with woven cane, has the diagonal corners. I also like the look, but it does make weaving the edge binding cane just a bit more difficult -- keeping the binding flat while rounding the corners is a bit tricky.
Keeping it flat while doing a 90' corner can be tricky as well. I think I will space it out for the "chamfered corner". Just looks cleaner.