Seats and Stems Blues

Craig Johnson

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In the misquoted words of Commander Cody and The Lost Planet Airmen "I'v Got the down to seats and stems again blues." But yesterday I finally got it all done and the registration came in the mail so it was off for the first paddle in my 1939, 17' kennebec model B. Mahogany trim, 20" decks with coaming, outside stems. She is as fast as my 15' Kennebec even though 20 lb. heavier. I was rewarded with the calls of the first pair of loons of the season. The dog didn't seem to notice the difference.


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Beautiful job, Craig.
There's apparently something about length that adds to hull speed. Can anyone more knowledgeable fill us in on the facts?

Good looking pup you have there.

Oh, nice work on the canoes too.

Yes, in general, longer canoes are faster, BUT, that's VERY simplified.
A slightly less simplificion is the ratio of width to length, but still doesn't take into account a number of other parameters.

If you want to learn about how a canoe moves through the water, get a book by John Winters, "The Shape of the Canoe" (or something like that), where he explains the math and engineering behind how a hull moves through the water.

Nice, very nice! You did a beautiful job. I love the long decks and the satin finish. I think my next canoe will be satin. Thanks for sharing the pics. Maybe you should add at least one picture with the canoe's statistics into the "canoe ID" section. I don't think there is one in there like yours.

Jim C.
Something about how fast a wave moves. I vaGUELY RECALL that a wave in relation to the distance between crests is something like 1 to 7. and The canoe as a displacement vessel has a hull speed similar to the speed of the wave that----er. Oh, nevermind. Longer and skinnier goes faster.
I love the reflection of the canoe on the water-- the design is perfect... and I "second" the suggestion to put pictures and statistics into the Canoe ID area!