Sanding Away


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm started my first sanding yesterday using 150 paper and I bought one of those spongey blocks. I'm hoping you have some hints for sanding the planking in between the ribs. Is there a palm sander that would work for the ribs or any where else. I'm going to buy some courser sandpaper today as well. I'm thinking 100 -120, What do you use. I'm anxious to read some of your input. Like always, Much appreciated. Happy paddling, or sanding in my case. Stan the canoe man


Since no one jumped on this post and since I'll be doing alot of this in the near future, I'll chime in.

I usually start out with 100 grit make one pass over the canoe and then a second pass with 220 and call it ready for varnish. I have a palm sander that I use on the flat areas, and then typically do the rest by hand. I fold the paper to do between the ribs, etc., with the grain to avoid scaring the wood if I have to.

I just crank the radio and have at it.

I've had some limited success with a sanding star, and I still use it between ribs now and again, but it throws alot of dust I don't have decent dust collection, yet - see recent "cedar dust" thread.

I usually end up hand sanding the varnish between coats too.

Well, that's my system for now, and I'm stickin' to it.