sail rigging

David Satter

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Is there a diagram of how to rigg your basic sailing canoe? Something where I could follow the lines and standing rigging. I mean just a simple sprit sail, lee boards and rudder. Yes , sorry meant lateen
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The basics for lateens, but without going deeply into the reasons that things are done this way. Stolen from some book, but it's OK as I know the author quite well.

I am building a sprit rig for my canoe according to Todd Bradshaw's postings on this forum and his book. The sail will be loose-footed. The only detail that still escapes me is the location (and therefore, length) of the sprit on the mast. I've seen it in plans and photos with the heel of the sprit at a distance down the mast equal to the length of the head of the sail, approximately at mid-mast, and at the tack of the sail. I can imagine advantages for each, but would rather not make multiple sprits to test my assumptions. Any suggestions? Observations? Preferences?
Thank you for sharing your experience(s)!