Saddle Seats


Have many of you tried these? What do you think of them? How is paddling performance from a saddle? Are there certain guidelines with regard to positioning in the canoe? I'm quite interested in this style as I have worked with deer hide but more importantly have a friend right in town with a full complement of tack tools. A cowhide seat looks awfully comfy! Any thoughts? T.M.
I have one made by Tom Seavey, Azland Traditions. In a word, I love it. It allows you to balance your canoe properly when paddling solo, and allows tose of us with bad backs and knees to paddle solo without putting all the weight on the knee.

I've used one of Tom Seavey's leather seats foa few years's very comfortable and my solo seat of choice! :D
I have decided to equip my 16' Deer with 2 saddle seats(plus the addition of a bow and stern thwart)but this leaves me with the question "Where do I mount my mast?". Maybe a wide design on the new Bow/Stern thwarts that has a mounting hole drilled in one,or??? The sail would only be used occasionally but is a must have accessory! As for construction of the seats,sorry Tom...I'm a do-it myself type of fellow.Thanks Guys! T.M.