Rushton IG 3250

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I pulled the Indian Girl down and started again. I noticed that the screws #8 x 1 1/2" which fasten from the inside are spaced differently from any other canoe I've done. The two ribs next to the center yoke each have a screw, then the next screw is two ribs away but through the space between the second and third rib and the next screww skips a rib and goes through the next rib. Which ends up with three screws in th espan of four ribs. I assume this is normal? Or is this a variation?

Also, is the tumblehome angle equal to about 5 degrees? I'm doing inwales and outwales as the current ones are too far long gone to rot.


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Hi Dave,
I checked the screw spacing on our Indian Girl. There is a screw through the two ribs on either side of the center thwart, then spaced approximately every six inches, (more or less) with no regard to ribs. There are four screws on outside ends of the outwales into the decks. Hope this helps. Fred
Hi, Fred, yes that helps alot. First time i'd seen screws not going through a rib. But with IG rails it's not showing.
Hi Dave,

I did a tracing of a cut section of our inwale (SN 2261). The top is horizontal only for reference purposes; I believe it is actually about a 7 degree slope down to the outside, which works out to a 5 degree tumblehome in the middle of the boat. I have no explanation for the radius adjacent to the outwale other than wear; the inside radius amount is obviously suspect due to wear and refinishing.

I have a plan taken off of a 1901 16' canvas covered Indian Girl by Spencer Jenkins in 1983. This boat was apparently in the Adirondack museum collection at that time. The tumblehome shown in these drawings varies from 11-1/2 degrees ~ a foot behind the bow to 25 degrees at the center! Yes, this seems quite extreme and leaves me a bit speechless.

Inwale tracing.jpg Gunwale section.jpg
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Thanks Joe. I've saved the drawings to my file of the boat for reference as I slowiy start back up on tis project.
Thanks Joe. I've saved the drawings to my file of the boat for reference as I slowiy start back up on tis project.

ditto here, thanks for the pics Joe. As summer is winding down I am thinking about getting back into my Rushton project this winter.
That makes three of us! We moved and things are finally settling down to where the Rushton went back on the horses. Going to be following with much interest.
I've been looking at Joe's drawings and trying to visualize the amount of tumblehome he mentioned. Our Rushton has no original rails left, so I have no reference other than pictures online (I've not seen a complete Rushton in person). I have a picture hanging in my cube of I believe Thirsty's canoe from the assembly. To my eye (maybe it is the camera angle) I see very little tumblehome, the rail tops look almost level cross-sectionally. Does anyone have a picture taken looking along the rail front to rear?
here is a photo

I'll try to attach a photo. There are many photos. And the canoe can be seen here any time. the sketch looks spot on but of course things change along the rail from mid to end. I have inwales and outwales. They're just in bad shape and need to be replaced.


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These pictures and the tracing above are near the center of the boat. I'm not sure what's going on with the images, so I'll give up and leave duplicates!

Inwale section.jpgOutwale section (3).jpg


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