Grand Laker Builder
I see there's an ad in the classifieds for a runabout. I thought our website and our classifieds were about wooden canoes, rowboats and kayaks. Are we branching out into powerboats too? Hmm
Well, I'm inclined to let it stay. One advertisement for a wooden Peterborough outboard motorboat out of 172 classifieds doesn't seem like a major problem at this point. I might feel differently if we started getting flooded with motorboat advertisements but that hasn't been a big problem yet. It also might become difficult to distinguish between some square ended canoes, small wooden boats, or anything else that might possibly support a motor. Let me also confess to having placed a WCHA classified advertisement for a wooden sailing dinghy that has a transom and bears only a passing resemblance to a canoe so I may have some bias in this matter. Please reply here if you have strong feelings on this topic. Thanks,

Benson Gray
(One of the three WCHA webmaster volunteers)