Rich Lake, Newcomb,NY


Hey Everyone, Well my wife and I are soon going on vacation. The week of August 11 -18 to be exact. We are going to Newcomb and I will be taking the guide boat. If anyone wants to join me for a nice lap or 2 around Rich Lake to show the Spirit of Caleb Chase that guide boats are still made, loved and used contact me and maybe we can hook up for the evening or day. This will be the first time that I take the boat onto Rick Lake. I am renting a cabin just about 2 miles from it and could row up the west Branch of the Hudson to get to it but I am afraid that there will be low water levels due to the lack of rain in the area. I have rowed and portaged from the cabin up the river to Beldon Lake and had some carnage from it. I ended up breaking my Cherry Paddle and got stuck on some rocks. I learned my lesson from that though. I hope to hear from someone, Lance