Rhinelander Paddle Question


I am set to buy a Rhinelander canoe that is probably from the 20s. Was there a characteristic paddle that went with Rhinelander like the Racine? I would like to have something accurate recreated and would greatly appreciate any information, particularly pictures.


I really like Morris canoes but wouldn't know a Morris paddle from an Old Town paddle unless the Old Town had a decal on it (I don't know if Morris ever put a decal on his paddles) even though I've seen many pictures of Morris paddles and have also seen some paddles that came with Morris canoes and are guaranteed to be authentic Morris paddles. They look like other old paddles. What we do is find paddles that are old or new ones made in the "old way", and this works well as far as appearance with any of the older canoes.

Something to consider is the paddle itself. The paddle Denis uses in the stern has a wider blade than the one I use in the bow.

Wood species can be a preference too. We have a gorgeous oak paddle, but it's a bit too heavy and don't use it. We have a chestnut paddle that is gorgeous and light-weight, but is old and rare and we want to be careful with it. So, what I use most of all is a Shaw&Tenney and Denis uses a home-made paddle.

When I'm home, I'll see if there are any pictures of Rhinelander paddles, but my guess is that they will look like other paddles from that era.But someone else may actually have one and will know for certain.

People ordering canoes in the old days didn't necessarily order the paddle from the same place, so my feeling is that you are being totally authentic as long as the paddle is a type used back then.