restoring the look of cedar


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Can someone tell me what product may help me restore the look of the old cedar to try and match the new. I have replaced about 50% of the planking. I plan on staining the new to try and match the old but would like to try the other first. It's sanded and I don't want to do anymore as the planking is about a 64ths thinner than the normal eighths. The canoe is a pre 50's bob's special. thanks
I use a product called TransTint "Honey Amber". It is a match for about 98% of all the old cedar I have encountered. I use it like watercolors. I layer it in and use washes. I mix fro the color I am after, and NOT per the directions on the bottle. It is available thru Woodcraft Supply.

I'll second Mark's suggestion. I've been using those stains for several years and they are the easiest ones I've found when you are trying to match a color. They are also available from Homestead Finishing Products. Jeff Jewitt is the owner and I believe, the one who came up with the product. They are a bit pricey, but worth every penny. They can be mixed with either water or alcohol and can also be blended into epoxy putty when you are making a fill. It's always best to experiment on a scrap until you get the color you're after.

Thanks a lot guys. I'm up here in Nova Scotia so will try and locate this product locally if I can. If not than I'll contact the source you suggest.