Restorers in NC?

Ben Gaspar

New Member
Hi Folks,

I'm curious if anyone resides in North Carolina and particularly the Triangle area? I'm looking for folks around here that would be interested in helping out a first time restorer. Mainly just giving advice about what wood on the boat actually needs to be replaced. I'm also just interested if there is anyone in my area (Maybe Coastal SE Chapter folks?). I know getting together right now is not the easiest thing, but possibly in the future!

Hi Ben,

The Southeast chapter covers a large area and while there are excitable wooden canoe folks in all of the southeastern states, they are not very densely populated. Reach out to me and we'll work to get you the support you need. And don't hesitate to use these forums to your advantage. Wherever forum partucipants are around the world, they're usually happy to provide lots of great information.

Hi Ben, I live in Wilmington and currently restoring an old 17" Racine and I also managed to finish a strip canoe a few years ago that I don't get out on as much as I would like! I bought a small sawmill after Hurricane Florence as I couldn't bear to see all that oak, cherry, cedar, and pecan go to the landfill, I mention that because I came across quite a bit of white and red cedar as well so if need any wood for your project I may able able to help out. I used to travel up to Raleigh quite a bit for work but that came to a screeching halt last April.
Hello I live in Southport and am looking for a wood source, working on a 1945 hw and need some cedar strips for the sponsons. I called a guy in Burgaw that had a sawmill but he’s retired. If you can recommend anybody close by sure would help.
I’m remaking both the sponsons on this canoe so I’m looking for something at least 12 foot long and I will cut the strips myself.