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I am in the process of restoring a 1906 OT Charles River Grade AA. Does anyone have the seating and thawart locations? Any pictures of one would help to see how this should look after completion. Also both decks had a brass plate on them that had a small hole through it and the deck. In line with this on the stem base was a plate with a hole. Was this an add-on or was this part of the original built in 1906. I am guessing this is for a flag or something. Anything anyone can offer for this era canoe would be helpful.

I'm having fun!! :D
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I just finished a 1914 AA Grade Charles River 16 footer (OT Ideal). There is a photo album showing some of the repairs and the results here:

Post your questions about the AA Charles River or email. I'd be glad to assist if I can. I think you'll enjoy the canoe when you get it back in the water.
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I am just finishing up a 1906 Old Town, HW with original decks. There were no plates on them nor any holes for plates to go through. There was one centered hold about 1/2" in diameter in the bow deck. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info. Ed I guess the plates and holes were put in along the years for someones personal need.
Are you sure what you have aren't flag pole sockets? See attached - the socket itself is harder to see but would be a diamond shaped plate with a tube brazed to the underside at an angle to match the deck.



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Dan, the plate on the deck is circular with a hole through it and the wood. Its held down with (2) screws. The plate on the stem, lines up to the deck plate, and is oval on the bottom with a diamond shape on top with a hole in the center. It is also held down with (2) screws. If this is for a flag, would it have been available in 1906 or was it introduced later?

In 1906, flag pole sockets, flush, were available for 35 cents each. No picture provided, though.