Restoration project to find

Jim Allenspach

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm looking for a canoe to restore. This will be my first solo project. I've helped on 2 full restores and somewhat skilled at small boat building techniques. I'm in central Connecticut and am willing to travel anywhere within a day's drive. Any suggestions about how to find a reasonable project? Thanks!!
Canoe in NY

An ad in Messing About in Boats has a 16' WC canoe without canvas for $150 in Walkill, NY. Contact Lee Rosenthal (845)-895-3137. I'd be interested myself except it is a bit far and I'm in the middle of another restoration right now.
1916 OT HW with Sponsons

Major restoration. Currently resting peacefully under the snow with only it's fiberglass to provide protection for the mice. An old camp canoe that has tales to tell - you probably don't want to know.

All this for $25.00 (Price is negotiable.)

Linda & Dan


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OT wood canoe

Ohhh, I'll bet it has plenty of tales to tell! Can you fill me in on the fiberglass? Has it been applied over the canvas or directly on the wooden hull? And do I have to take the mice, too? ;)


No extra charge for the mice...

The fiberglass was applied to the planking and it's been there for years so it probably won't be too tough to remove. The bow seat is original but the present stern seat was added when the canoe was cut off and the transom attached. This canoe will provide a fine oppuntunity to hone your woodworking skills and an excuse to buy more tools.
It doesn't look too bad in the picture, and it looks even better from farther away; an excercise in perspective and expectation.

Linda & Dan


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Do you know what the OT model number is? If not, can you estimate the dimensions? Length and beam are enough. I wouldn't know what any others meant...except weight.

Re: mice. We have a large cat, so that may work out.


Paddle on!

That build record is hard to read - it says that the canoe is a 17' CS grade, model HW. With open, spruce gunwales and ash decks, thwarts and seats. The canoe was begun in January 1915 and then, apparently stored until May of 1916 when it was railed, fitted, colored and varnished, and sold to Camp Walden in June of 1916.