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First I wish to thank Benson for his quick response to my previous questions.What book do you guys recommend on wood canoe restoration? Before I start working on my Old Town Octa I wish to know something before I do any damage. I'm also looking for either brass padeyes or hook & rings to place on the bow and stern decks. The previous owned had drilled holes in the decks and placed ugly galvanised padeyes on both decks. I want something that looks like it belonged. Thanks Pete Yuro ( There is one 1/2 in. hole in each deck..)


I'll take a stab at this one since I too had large ugly galvanized rings in a Guide I finished this past fall. I plugged the holes in the deck with birch plugs and epoxy and then installed rings that were on Old Town canoes. You can get rings at Old Town or a number of the suppliers here on this website - see Builder's websites.

Here is a discussion on Old Town painter rings:

The how to book most often cited is Thurlow and Stelmok's, "The Wood and Canvas Canoe - A Complete Guide to its History, Construction, Restoration, and Maintenance". It is also available on this website.


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