resin quantity with 8 0unce cloth


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm going to use 8 ounce cloth on my next stripper. It's a 20 foot adaptation of J. Winter's Quetico model. I've got a good handle on how much resin and hardner I would need for six ounce cloth, but am wondering if anyone has experience with the 8 ounce.

Was going to use MAS or perhaps sytem three clear coat with west 207 for fill.


Hi Rob,

Do you know which "8 oz" fabric you plan on using?

Looking at a list of Hexcel and BGF offerings, I see about 7 different weaves on each list, (there aren't any at 8 oz exact) ranging in thickness from .008 to .015 in, and the quanity of resin needed to fill them will also vary.

BTW, the specified breaking strength also ranges a lot, and is dependent on the weave pattern and fiber size.

You really need to know the weave number that you are getting and not just that it's "8 oz" to know the fabric properties.

If you want more info e-mail me.