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Yesterday I bought a 16 foot wood canvas canoe in Lake Luzerne, N.Y. at a "moving sale". Described it to Jim M. and he told me "sounds like you got an old town- are you a member of WCHA ?" So here I am. When my wife asked me "so how many canoes do you have now?", I had to admit that I'm not really sure. I plan to restore this old town 16 myself. Looks like it'll need replacement of both inwales, both outwales, the keel, seats, and of course,new canvas. the decks, planking and ribs are solid. I'm excitedly awaiting any info that you can provide me with. thanks, Mike.
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Thanks for contacting the WCHA. The serial number you have provided is for an 18' Old Town Otca model in CS (common sense) grade. Check the serial number again and you may find that the 16 is really an 18. If this is the right canoe, then it was shipped on July 17, 1933 to Baldwin, NY. It was built with spruce gunwales and birch seats, thwarts and decks. It also had a keel, bright red in color and was set up for sailing with a rudder and mast seat.

If you have not already joined the WCHA, please consider doing so. This service along with many other services are supported by it's membership and contributions. You mention restoration/repair, you have found the best source for first class advice from the experts.

If this is not the right canoe, resubmit the correct serial number or post some pictures and we can help. Build record attached.
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resubmit/ # correction for my old town 16

Hi Ric, Thanks a bunch for your prompt reply regarding history of my canoe. You were right, the # didn't fit with the "16". On closer inspection,and after some sanding and cleaning, I think I've got the correct #. The canoe is definately a 16 footer, and the #, although well worn (@ both stern and bow) appears to be: 108624 16 . I understand that pre-cut parts like gunnels, etc. can be ordered from the Old Town factory ? I will try to send you some photos ("before, and after"). Thanks, Mike Bell.
Mike...Now it gets interesting!

I pulled the build record for 108624 and it shows as an HW in CS grade but it is a 17' canoe with you see any evidence of sponsons? So, I decided to check 106624 and came up with a 16' HW in CS with sponsons and O/S stems. The build records are attached, take a look and let us know what you find.

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