Build record for #1175 16

Eric H

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Can you help me identify this canoe? I suspect it is very old. It has the O.T. diamondhead bolts, all mahogany trim, approx. 20" long decks and outer stems. The rib ends are not tapered. I'm not certain of the "7" in the serial #. The boat is usable as is but has a number of broken ribs and has been recovered with something other than canvas. If the covering is fiberglass it is not well bonded and should peel off easily.
Thanks, Eric Harman, W.C.H.A. #1475

The records for Old Town in this era are few. Serial numbers in the 1600+ were built around 1903 to give you an indication. Double check the SN to make sure you have not missed a digit or send some pictures and let one of the experts take a look to help identify the canoe.


Ric Altfather
My guess is that you have missed a number in the serial number. Diamond head bolts were not used until around 1922, and the decks suggest an Otca model, which was not offered until 1908. Neither supports the given serial number early date.

Serial #117516

Ric & Dan, Thanks for the replies. I pulled the canoe outside for a better look and the serial number is, without doubt, 117516. The seats are not original and the diamond bolts may have been added when the seats were changed. I have some photos that I will try to email to you.
Thanks, Eric