Repairing chips in enameled hull


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Repairing chips in enameled hull-pictures

Another new guy with questions! Glad I found this forum, it seems great...
This is my first time messing around with canoe repair, and I am excited, but want to do it the right way. I have an older (pre 1970) wooden/canvas scout canoe that was built in Maine by a private builder. It is in great condition, except for some chips in the enamel of the hull, that show through to the canvas. It doesn't appear to need re-canvasing, but I would like to patch these chips before I put it in the water. There are about 12-15 chips, the biggest is quarter-sized. The deepest is only 1/16" at most. Do I need filler? What is the correct primer? Paint?
My current plan is to sand over/around the chips with 120, then 220, apply one coat of primer, sand over primer with 220, then several coats of some quality marine enamel...Any opinions on that? Let me have it. Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, any ideas on the maker? My father tells me that it was traded to my Uncle and that it was built by a private builder/small operation
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The pictures seem to indicate that the hull is fiberglassed instead of canvased. Either way the loose paint can be scraped off, the areas filled in with a bit of auto body filler, sanded smooth and repainted. However the paint may be chipping just due to age and once the boat is put into use the paint will continue to crack and chip off OR nothing may happen and everything will be fine. You don't know until after the fact! But if it is a paint problem, it still only a structural problem and it really only effects how the boat looks.