Reminder: Boating Old Brewery Bay Launch

Alex Guthro

LOVES Wooden Canoes
This is a reminder that we will be attending the Leacock Museum relaunch of their antique boats on Saturday May 20 from 1 to 4 pm. The WCHA is being promoted as a co-sponsor of this event. The promotional material issued by the city of Orillia is attached. If you know for sure you are attending and have not sent a notification already, please let Murat know ( We have several Chapter members who are participating in demonstrations and talks as well as displaying our wooden canoes. Details can also be found here


Our Chapter collaboration with the Stephen Leacock museum in Orillia, Ontario is happening this Saturday, May 20th. Hope to see some local area members swing by and say hi. Would be a great way to kick off the long weekend holiday. They'll be some additional activities for kids (painting their own 12" mini paddles) as well as many gifts and items for sale for the wooden canoe enthusiast.

Google Map Here
To read a summary of and see photos from the Northern Lakes day t the Stephen Leacock Museum in Orillia, follow this link;

Thanks again to all of our members and supporters who participated in making this a a fun day!