Record request

Here ya go, Dan. Should be on a 18' Otca with narrow planking (2 3/4") and a keel. It was originally painted red and shipped to Brunswick ME in September 1964.

I'll skip the WCHA commercial for you. If this doesn't look right, let me know.



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Thanks Mike.

A question, is the san for "923" or "973"? it's hard to tell from the handwriting.
The canoe in question seems to have the narrow planking,
but does seem to have the normal high round ends, but more the lopwer guide ends.

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##&*^%($@)*^% Caught me goofing off! Here is the correct build record. Was for an 18' Guide, built on an Otca form. (Which may explain some of your shape questions - good eye!). Also had narrow planking. Painted Pale Blue and shipped to Syracuse NY on 6/30/64.

Sorry for the confusion.


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Thanks again Mike,

Hmm, a Guide built over a OTCA form.

So I wonder that this is,

An OTCA with Guide trim and low ends,

or a Guide with the hull shape of a OTCA?

Hmmmm, just what defines a certain model, the shape or trim or ???


I think shape (profile, bilge, bottom profile, tumblehome) wins out over trim. You can put a Rolls Royce seat in a Yugo, but that don't make it a Rolls!:D