Quiet Water Symposium

The Michigan WCHA chapter will have a booth and usually 10-12 members attend. Russ Hicks, the chapter coordinator, has been the driving force for QWS for years. Gil
I am planning on attending, also for the first time.

Rob Stevens
Hamilton, Ontario
(WCHA Northern Lakes Chapter member)
me too

I'm a repeat enjoyer. See you there. Always good to put faces and names together. I've met Gil, Russ, Pete, Chris, Ken, and Wendy the basket lady. Love my basket. Dave and Chip too. Alex Comb before he moved. Can't remember who else. I've been able to see three different bb canoes over the years. It gets better every year. Thanks to Russ.
I'm also planning to go.

But Dave, what's this about seeing Alex "before he moved"?
Where did he move from and to?

just curious.

Dan, that's because my brain is a bit cross wired. Not Alex at all. I meant to say Scott Barkdoll. (Skywoods) I'm embarrassed frequently by my lack of good memory. especially today.
I was going to chime in but I can't remember what I wanted to say and what was this about anyway and where did I put that mouse! :D
We will be there but

I won't be doing baskets this year. I will donate one or two. I just had
some minor surgery so I will be setting down alot!. Please come and introduce
yourselves to John and I. We all should meet somewhere between seminars!
Be safe driving!