Quiet Water Symposium in Lansing, MI


Here is the symposium link for those who want to know more about it...
It is scheduled for all day, Saturday, March 5th at Michigan State University in Lansing, MI.
I was wondering who would be attending? I will buy coffee...

I'll be there Joe, probably showing up around noon.
I plan on spending the afternoon there just lurking around :cool:

I'll be there too

Going to pick up some canvas and filler from Gil Cramer and probably spend a lot of the day watching him canvas as that is the next step in my first rebuild of a W/C canoe. Should be on the floor by 10:00 latest. Joe, I'll buy the donuts of they are available.
wish someone had mentioned bringing lots of warm clothes. sheesh it was uncomfortable in there, no fun. :eek:
Yes, QWS was chilly this year. We share the pavilion with a "bunny show." Since we are all part of MSU's Agriculture and Natural Resources Week, we don't have a monopoly on the building. In fact, the Heritage Animal Show also was going on at the same time in the Arena. The chill came from two overhead "bunny" doors open for an extended time; we have no control over that. At least the auditorium was toasty. Cliff Jacobson and the McGuffins presented three wonderful shows to a packed auditorium. We had a 20% increase at the gate and likewise a 20% increase on the floor between demonstrations and exhibits. Old Town and Subaru are already talking about QWS '06. We're hoping to secure Dr. Bill Forgey's presence. Bill wrote the books on medical emergency treatment. We also hope to increase the "Side Shows" by utilizing some of the classrooms at the Pavilion. A new angle we're considering is a "Round Table" with the presenters; an opportunity to chat and have a Q/A in a smaller setting. Yes, there was a "chill in the air", but the 10th QWS was successful by all other measures. Perhaps next year we can grow so much that the rabbits will be pushed out altogether!