Purchasing pre-made wooden gunwales


Canoe and Kayak Designer
Anyone know of companies that sell pre-made wooden gunwales?

I have a friend whose breaking into the canoe building business and is looking to purchase multiple sets.

I'll be calling Mad River Canoe and other companies but I'm not sure how receptive they'll be to sharing where they get theirs.

I've found one company so far but figured the folks here would know of many more.

Any help appreciated.

Profit Margin

Hi Jem,

Most "builders" would tell you they don't have the profit margin to farm out too much of the work. If you can make the whole canoe you should be able to make the gunnels. I would say it's easier than making decks or well shaped thwarts.

Good luck,

I agree but that's what the builder wants to investigate for now.

I suspect he'll draw that same conclusion down the road.