Proud tacks

Tom Widney

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I seem to be getting more than my fair share of clinched but proud tacks on the interior of the rib... while on the exterior of the planking the tack heads are not proud. Is this a result of not being spot on with the clinching iron or some other error or a combination of both? Any and all thoughts or advice will be welcome
You're probably just a little off - close enough to turn the tack but not direct iron to wood contact. You'll hear and feel a little clink when you're dead on. The toughest areas are the tight curves. Rock the iron a little while tapping the head lightly. When you find the sweet spot give it good whack. Another technique is to drag the iron along the rib until you feel the proud tack, stop and hit it.
proud tack points

TOM, and make sure you do not drag ahead a little broken tack point tip that the iron caught down can make for some unsightly scoring of the rib surface as you search for something to re-clinch. As an aside, I always complete the inner and outer tack work prior to oiling as I sand the interior afterward and vacuum away any of the wayward tack tips that, by the way, can get caught up in the finish sand paper. Have fun.....Dave DeVivo
Thanks guys.
Clinched two more ribs today, paying a lot closer attention to the clinching iron position and was rewarded with only three that had to be re-addresed. Its the small things that seem to make the most difference in results.