PNG wideboard?

I agree, Bill, that it looks to be made of boards. Otherwise, it generally has the lines of a canoe from PNG or that general region, but I've never seen one built like this. I remember seeing elmbark canoes in museums on your east coast (Cairns, Sydney) and maybe up in Darwin; surely some of these museums know the canoes of Indonesia and PNG.

I don't know the canoe market down under, but AU$495 doesn't sound like a bad deal for a nice old wooden canoe like this.


I have a number of (about 40) native-made model canoes from PNG and across the S. Pacific, but nothing quite like this. Doesn't really put me in mind of any one particular area or style. Appears to me to have the white man's influence in its 'carpentered' features, more so than a simple native cultural piece would. If you want a good, thorough, highly detailed resource book on native watercraft from that area, get your hands on a copy of Haddon & Hornell's "Canoes of Oceania". It has long been the reference bible for canoes of the S. Pacific. It was published by the Bishop Museum, Hawaii. I believe reprints are available, and a good library might even be your best bet. Good luck.