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Blue Viking

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has anyone out there found a place to get cutters that make discs and plugs to stamp out knot holes and then glue in new plugs...there is a builder near me that showed me last summer how he stamped out the knot hole and then on scrap wood stamped out plugs and glued them in. He had 2 sizes and used it on the planking stock
Thanks for that response Andre....I have access to a set of those..What I was actually referring to was "biscuit" cutters. the ones that are football shaped...Dont know if he had them made or got them commerically but he would stamp out the knot hole and then glue in a biscuit that he made from scrap pieces of stock...He was making a small kayak style canoe with strips of shiplap planking was small lite and compact...nothing I would be interested in but thought it would be a good way to salvage a strip of planking to keep it one piece if it had a knot.....Just curious I guess..but the...curiosity IS the mother of invention;)
I think what you are talking about is what furniture makers call dutchmen. The way I have seen it done is with a router with a straight bit and a set of collars and a homemade jig. You can make the jig any shape you want. You cut out the bad section by running the router around the inside of the jig. Then you put on a smaller collar and use the jig again to cut out the replacement piece which should be an exact fit. Hope that helps.