Plastic Filler?

Howard Caplan

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I picked up a 1947 Penn Yan Rainbow a few weeks ago. Thank you Denis and Kathy.
I was trying to find some info on the company and the canoe such as original factory colors. I found a boat museum in Penn Yan, NY and emailed them and sure enough, they have most of the catalogs from the company. Bill Oben downloaded some pages and sent them to me.
I think I downloaded, here, the page called Composite Construction. If I didn't download it, it says "the canoe canvas is filled with a pure plastic which gives it a glass hard surface".
What's up with plastic filler?


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Thanks Dave.
Looking through the verolite posts, it seems verolite was applied over the paint. This "plastic" on the Penn Yan is stated as "filler".
Speaking of Penn Yan..........

Does anybody have a source for screws for Penn Yan craft? I can find Frearson Drive wood screws, but not the #10 fine thread machine screws that hold the seats and brackets on.
Hey Howard,

Congrates on a great canoe. I'd love to find one someday.

But, could you pass on the e-mail address of your contact at that museum?

I've been trying (in the past) to find a image or source for the decal that was on my Penn Yan, and maybe it shows up in a catalog.

It's not the normal ones usually seen.


Hey, at least we're still talking Penn Yans.

Yes, I have a 16' Owasco, 3rd owner (grandpa to granddaughtor to me).
It was in nice condition when I got it, just needed tacks reclinched, new canvas and 2 new seat stretchers. We "think" it's a early 30's vintage.
I still need to recain the seats.

After re-reading the promo piece, I noticed they don't mention paint over the plastic so it probably is this verolite stuff directly on the canvas.
On this boat, the canvas was removed in the 70's and replaced with fiberglass. I am now paying my restoration dues and learning what to avoid on future projects.

To continue the hyjack,

attached is an image of the decal on my Penn Yan.

The detail/image is poor but the general trend is shown and in person under close inspection, some of the letters from "Penn Yan" could be seen.



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What you say does make more sense. So even though they don't mention paint, just the "plastic" they do paint after the all the doping. They do mention on another flyer the standard color of (port-a-john) blue green with a red stripe under the gunnel.
Dan, I will try to get a pic of my Penn Yan decal. I'm at work now but I remember the label being rectangular while your's looks round. Denis taped over it to protect it but it looks in fairly good shape.
Dave - when you fine a source for the #10 fine thread, let me know where to get them. I went on line yesterday after seeing your hijack and found many frearson screws but no #10s.
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